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DLT Legal Translation Inc. provides legal documents of the highest quality. The translation itself reflects with 100% accuracy the content of the source text – whilst allowing the English-speaking reader to understand the content in their ‘English law’ way.

It is essential that legal documents such as contracts, writs of summons, statements of defence, decisions, etc., be legally correct, with no room for misunderstandings or disputes due to ‘approximations’ in translation. Legal translation is not merely an exchange of words between different languages. It is an exercise in comparative law and complex, contextual drafting.

A properly done translation should be ‘invisible’, that is to say, the reader should have the impression that the text was written in the language in which it is being read.


legal-translation-english-caDiana L. Torrens, founder of DLT Legal Translation Inc., has a unique combination of experience and skills that lends itself perfectly to serving the needs of internationally-oriented legal professionals.

She has over 30 years of experience in legal translation, including over 20 years with the EFTA Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

She holds a Bachelor of Translation degree from Université de Moncton (completed in French), LLB and BCL English and French law degrees (completed in English and French) from McGill University, which included a period of study at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law in Oslo (in Norwegian), and an LLM in European Law (completed in English and French), in addition to her time in private practice (in various languages) and as a law lecturer. She has had to tackle and resolve most difficulties legal translation has to offer.

Our Services

DLT Legal Translation Inc. offers legal translation services from Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, Spanish and Italian into English (mother tongue) of pleadings, legal opinions, judgments, arbitration awards, legislative texts, articles, books and other legal documents. Areas of law covered include: EU/EEA law, competition law, State aid, corporate/business law, contract law, environmental law, maritime law, oil and gas law, tax law, insurance law, criminal law, consumer law and related legal areas. English-language revision of legal documents, articles, books, etc., is also possible.

Absolute confidentiality is a given for all assignments.

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Once a deadline for a project has been agreed, the client can rest assured that it will be met.

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DLT Legal Translation Inc. provides legal translation services from the following languages into English:

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